fredag 1 september 2017


Rens-007 is live. D is for DS-13 go tell your friends!
Get your copy here:

Due to unfortunate events not everyone will have their preorders today because Postnord (the bane of everyone's existence) fucked up. But everyone WILL get their copies if postnord (the bane of everyone's existence) can manage to do what they are supposed to do.

tisdag 1 augusti 2017


The DS-13 2xLP is finally here!
Pre order it fast and you might have a chance of getting the limited Thrash and Burn bandana.
Use this link to pre order:

IMPORTANT! If you order two copies, you do not get two bandanas. If you order together with a friend you NEED to send us a email at spelasnabbarerec(at)gmail(dot)com to have a chance to get a bandana for your buddy!

It's been 20 years since they released our first 7" "Aborted teen generation" on our own label Busted Heads.
So, here it is, the grande collection: "Umeå hardcore forever, forever Umeå hardcore". All the 7"s and comps, 67 tracks remastered at Communichaos Media Clay Station. 2 x multi-colored LP's on Spela Snabbare Records (Europe) and Havoc Records (US), CD on Crew For Life Records (Jap).
Simple clean cover with the logo Pushead did for us, plus our very first band photo on the back, taken 20 years ago at Charlie's in Umeå.
Stay tuned for release date and pre-order with limited cool stuff.

måndag 13 mars 2017

Screaming vicims distro

Whilst we wait for the DS-13 Live LP from the states we can announce some distro news from Screaming Victims Records:

12" 80sek
Faiththreat - S/T
Head Cleaner/Progress through Inhumanity
Haven't said enough - The first signs of malfunction

7" 30sek
Head Cleaner Days of Wrath

torsdag 23 februari 2017

Distro news

Way Back When Records provided us with some new titles today:

7" 30sek
Nightstick Justice - Mindless Violence
Seein Red - S/T

12" 80sek
Nightstick Justice - S/T
Systematic Death - The moon watches

tisdag 14 februari 2017

Distro news and refills

12" 80sek
Martyrdöd - List
Gadget - The Great Destroyer
Totem Skin - Still Waters Runs Deep
Totem Skin - Weltschmerz

Drift Apart 100sek
Society's Decline - 6 track EP

måndag 30 januari 2017

Japanees noise assault!

12" 80sek
Sete Star Sept /7MON
Sete Star Sept/Unholy Grave

7" 30Sek
Sete Star Sept/Grinder Bueno

tisdag 10 januari 2017


Time to deal some goddies from De:Nihil Records and Drop Out Records to you:

12": 80sek
Final Exit - Spreading the (s)hits

7": 30sek
Anstalt - Knives
Condition - Deteriorating
Dead Instrument/Meth Drinker

Tape: 30sek
Black hole of Calcutta/Magnicide
Suffering Mind/Nak'ay