måndag 28 april 2014

Interview from the group behind RENS-001

Pretty soon, RENS-001 Human Cull - Stillborn Nation Lp will arrive at our office. In the meantime we wanted you to know the trio from U.K some more.
Therefore we decided to do an interview with Edd (Vocals and Guitar)

Who are Human Cull?
Human Cull are a three piece grind/crust/metal/punk type band consisting of Sam on drums and vocals, Luke on bass and myself (Edd) on vocals and guitar.

For how long have you played?
This band has been in operation since October 2011. Sam and I were previously in another grindcore band called Gran Toucher for about a year and a half. We both also have played in Disfortune together since around the time Human Cull formed. That is also how Luke came to join this band. He joined Disfortune about a year and a half ago. When our old bassist left Human Cull Luke was the natural choice.

Stillborn Nation has recently been released, what does the album means to you?
It means a year of work! Writing, practicing and recording. All things I enjoy greatly (why else would I do this haha). Hearing the product of your labour when it is complete is one of the best feelings in the world. It is also an album that on a lyrical level is a reflection of how I was feeling at the time, both personally and politically/socially. The title is a summation of how we feel Britain can be viewed if we are to focus on the negative things that are happening in this country at the moment.

Where do you get your inspirations from?
I think I covered lyrics in the previous question, so I’ll just tell you what our musical influences are. Basically the faster the better. Obviously we hail the classic bands like 324, Nasum, Terrorizer (World Downfall ONLY!), Napalm Death, Fear of God, Doom, Deviated Instinct, Sepultura, Discharge and Disclose etc. We also like new stuff: we aren’t stuck in the past. Bands like Suffering Mind, Chiens, Sixbrewbantha, Nails, Trap Them; there’s loads of great extreme bands to draw inspiration from.

U.K has a massive grind/PVscene with shitloads of good bands. Any perticular U.K band that inspire you?
I think the scene might look bigger to an outside viewer than it actually is in reality. However, it is true that there are a good deal of great bands at the moment (and of course from the 80’s and 90’s). In terms of inspiration, The Afternoon Gentlemen were a band we looked up to when we formed, as well as genre titans like Bolt Thrower, Discharge and Napalm Death.

Any perticular U.K band you want to give a shout out to? Or just fuck em all?
Atomck, The Afternoon Gentlemen, Oblivionized, Gets Worse, Mangle, The Day Man Lost, Bulletridden, The Atrocity Exhibit. I could go on but you get the gist.
What will happen to Human Cull when the album is out? Any gigs/tours planned?
Before the album is released we will embark on a short UK trek with The Atrocity Exhibit in February. After the album is released will are heading to Europe, panning to hit the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic and France. This will be in early to mid April.
(We did the interview before they went on tour. You got some rowdy/raw footage down below!!)

In my opinion you have to experiance Human Cull live. (They ripps) Do you think you guys sound better recorded or live?
I’m not sure, I think they are quite different experiences. You might lack some of the precision and clarity of a recording when you see a band play live, but you get that extra shot of adrenaline or absolute rage which is difficult to capture on a recording.

Something more you want to add or tell the Spela Snabbare Records "followers"?
Play faster and support this awesome label!

Thank you Edd. We are really looking forward to this album. This can probably be the best grindalbum of 2014. Pre-order it from us now at spelasnabbarerec(at)gmail.com
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torsdag 24 april 2014


Infanticide - 'Misconception of Hope' LP is near!
Pre-oder at spelasnabbrerec(at)gmail.com


Distro News from the amazing Six Weeks Records:
Black hole of calcutta - S/T LP
Bloody Phoenix/Question 7" Split
Capitalist Casualties/Man is the bastard split LP
Municipal Waste - Waste Em All
Ratos de Poräo/Looking for and Answer split 10"
Rövsvett - Boll-mats Bjuder På Bullkalas & Kaffe 1984-1987
STACK- Konkret Lichtgeschwindigkeit
Voorhees - 13
12": 100sek
10": 70 Sek
7": 30 Sek

onsdag 23 april 2014


One half of SSR turns "Age Unknown" today.
So we feel verry generous (old) today!!

This week the ANGER BURNING/EDC split 12" will be available for 60sek. Make sure to get this cause as you can see on the picture, a younger Simon hyped this records before it was cool/ even released.


måndag 14 april 2014


Distro news:
HorseBastard - Girafftermath MLP
A 10" packed with U.Ks finest and most relentless grinding.
Do you like Discordance Axis? Then this one is really for you.

tisdag 1 april 2014