måndag 26 september 2016

Small distro update!

Got some killer vax from Crush & Create and Pike Records.
LP 80sek:
Bristles - Last days of capitalism
Perkulator - S/T
V/A Dimmorna skingras vol 3 (Grace.will.fall. Idiot Ikon, Murdering murders and more)

7" 30sek:
Krimtänk - Avbrott

måndag 19 september 2016

Minor distro news from Dead Heroes records!

LP: 80sek
Bloody Phoenix/Lycanthrophy (Official)/Skunk/Disturbance Project 4-way split LP

10": 50sek
Coffin Birth - Necrotic Liquefaction

More shit on it's way!

fredag 9 september 2016


Distro news:
LP 80sek
Glorious? - Who Are They To Impose Restrictions?
Hårda Tider/ Night Fever (Official) split 12"
Night Fever - Vendetta
UX vileheads - Hardcore XI

EP 30sek
Nitad - En ding ding värld
Neu-Ronz - S/T
Have a great weeked everyone.