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We got some new titles today.
Agenda - Menneskehetens Massegrav LP
Archagathus/Compost 7"
Updated the sale/distrolist aswell.
And down below here.
We go on with the sale until mid/late January.

Red= 30sek
Yellow= 50sek
White= 80sek

Afgrund - Vid helvetets port
Agenda - Menneskehetens Massegrav
Anger Burning/Earthcrust Displacement Split 12"
Angry Mob - The Genocide contiunes
Antigama - Meteor
Antigama - Stop the chaos
Ass to mouth - Degenerate
Asshammer/Suffering Mind split 12"
Bastard Noise - Culture of Monsters
Bastard Noise - Skulldozer
Besthöven/Final Slum War
Black hole of calcutta - S/T LP
Brodys Militia - Covered In Violence
Cause of Divorce/Intestinal Disease
Crutches - Lurad
Dead Kaspar Hausers - Yo como mi cara
Defeatist - Tyranny of Decay
Deathraid - All life ends
Diskoirää - Nasi Gore Adiktion LP+DVD
Distress - Life, Death, Rebirth
Disturbance Project/RAS split 10"
Doomsisters - S/T LP
D.O.C - Triac
Earth Crust Discplacement/GAU
Encoffination - O'Hell Shine in thy whited sepuulchres
Encoffination - Ritual Ascension beyond flesh
Famine Year - Ja kaiken kruunaa kuolema
Final Draft - West world order
Fuck on the beach - Eat em all
Freaknation 7x3 10"
Frihet/Honör SS - Scandinavian Deathdealers 12" Split
From Ashes Rise - Concrete and Steel
Gerk - First Discography
Gride - Horizont Událostí
Human Cull - Stillborn Nation
Heavy Nukes - 12"
Ilandsproblem - Warmonger
Infanticide - Misconception of Hope
Institution - Dommen är satt
Kaaos - Totaalinen kaaos
Kaaos - Ristiinnaulittu kaaos
Keitzer - The last defense
Keitzer - As the world Burns
Korfäst - Huvuden borde rulla
Krömosom - 8 tracks 12"
Landverraad/Monday Suicide split 12"
Lifes feed the machine
Livet som Insats - S/T
Livet som Insats/PP7 Gaftzeb 12"
Looking for an Answer/Ira Et Decessus
M:40 - Diagnos
Magrudergrind - S/T LP
Man is the Bastard/Aunt Mary split 10" 50sek
Massgrave/Stormcrow split 12"
Martyrdöd - Paranoia
Martyrdöd - Elddop
Meanwhile - Lawless Solidarity
Missbrukarna - Zooma in en zombie
Mörk Himmel - In the shadow of the city
Mörk Himmel - Zloskřivec
Napalm A.D - S/T Lp
Nailbiter - Faded Brain Age / Abused
Phobia - Grind your fucking head in
Porkeria - La mierda de Siempre
PLF - Devious Persecution and Wholesale slaughter
Produkt - Uzaléznieni 
Prúmyslová Smrt/Valhalla Pacifists
Raw Hate - Fuck off and die
Repulsione - Sunrip
Ratos de Poräo/Looking for and Answer split 10"
Rövsvett - Boll-mats Bjuder På Bullkalas & Kaffe 1984-1987
Sakatat - Bir Devrin Sonu
Sayyadina - Mourning the unknown
Trigger - Start your Revenge
Token Tantrum - Affray split 12"
Unheim - S/T LP
Usurpress - Trenches of the netherworld
Utanförskapet - Vildhjärta
Utanförskapet/Rajoitus split 12"
WAKE - False
Warfuck - Neantification
Warhead - Never Give Up
Warkopse/Büfo 12"Split
Water Torture - Collection
Water Torture - Pillbox
Visions of War - King of Swines
Vivisick - Respect and Hate
Voorhees - 13
V/A - A tribute to NASUM
V/A Dimmorna Skingras Vol.1 (Glöm Dä!, Slaktrens, Dick Tracy and so on)
V/A Dimmorna skingras vol.2 (Handgranat, PP7 Gaftzeb, Sthlms blodbad osv)
Ydinaseeton Pohjola /青木ヶ原* split 12"

7" 20 Sek
Agathocles - If this is cruel whats vivisection then
Aktieklubben–A.K. 026
Anger means-Not Human Anymore
Angry Minded/LD50–Freakcore Inferno/Iniuria
Anti-Corpos - Contra Ataque
Appäratus - Degënertion Overdrive
Archagathus/Dead issue
Archagathus/Bestial Vomit
Archagathus/Violent Gorge
Archagathus/Violent Gorge - Archagathagorhaharchy flexi
Archagathus/Soil of Ignorance
Archagathus/No thought
Assassination - Snipercrust
Assassination - Twisted System
Blind Obedience-Submit To The Yoke
Bruch-Ole and the orks
Brumm Brumm Boese–Entlich Platte
Burtal Death - S/T ep
Caskter Blaster/Knifethruhead
Cellgraft - External Habitation
Christer Pettersson - first 7"
Christian Club
Code 13 - Doomed Society
Code 13 - They made a wasteland and called it peace
Conflict ResolutionConniption-S/T
Contrast Attitude/See you in hell split 7" 
Covenace-Ravaging the pristine
Dead Infection/Paracide split 7"
Destroy - Burn this racist system down
Discover-Food for the warmachine
Diagnosis? Bastard - S/T
Fear of Extinction/MOTH split 7"
Gidra - s/t Ep
G.O.D - Destroy Your Life For Capitalism
Heavy Nukes - Ultra Mega Raw
Human Cull/Oblivionized - This septic isle
Human Power - Human Power?
Hysteria - ST
Holochäos - S/T
Immunity-Fine del gioco
Infernöh/Nomad split
Institution - Världen ändstation
Irritation - Socialrealismen
Kakafoni - Seizures
Kamorräh/Crani Septic
Konfrontation/Slicks-High flying plans
Kruds/Rampant Decay split
Krüger/Knark - Split 7"
Kuru/Embryonic Devourment
Led by Fear/AdrianoCelentano split 7"
Let it burn-From jersey with love
Life Crisis - S/T Ep
Livet som Insats/Anger Burning
Looking for an Answer/Overpowering
Majestic Four/SMOL
Massacre Divine ?– Beijando A Morte
Midnight Crisis
Nervgift - S/T
Ratad - Slutet Välkomnas
Reaktor-"HOT" Ep
Re/volt - This is our war
Remission-A few faces of protest
Rupture/Opposition Party
Sakatat/Matka Teresa 7" Split
Saywhy?/Idiots parade split 7"
See you in hell/Systematic Death split 7"
She's Dead/Cadaver
Siniterror/Morte paura
Snutjävel-Eran stad/våran verklighet
Suffer the Pain - Face of Doom
The outpatients/Raise the with flag
The superiors - Enough is enough
Teethgrinder - Hellbound
Urbanoia - Psykisk Terror
V/A Auktion/Vansinne/Gemenskap/KadaverV/A More world, less bombs (bla Skitsystem, Crossing chaos, Human waste)
Vaya con satan-S/T
Violent Gorge/Dispepsiaa

20 sek
Archagathus/Carcass grinder/Violent Gorge 
Archagathus - Dehumanizer
Livet som Insats - Första Insatsen

CD 60 Sek
Antigama - Stop the chaos
Antigama/the kill/Noisear 3-split
BLACK HOLE OF CALCUTTA – Collection 2007 - 2010
CATHETER / F.U.B.A.R. - Split
Curu Cochino - S/T CD-R
Cätärro - Dance imperio dance
D.E.R-Quando A esperanca desaba
Facada - Vo joio
Greenscab-Left the end behind
Human Obliteratin - Human manipulated mass extinction
HUTT- Sessao Descarrego 
Infanticide - Misconception of Hope
Infanticide-From our cold, dead hands
Inhaste-The Wreckage
Livet som Insats - S/T Album
Man the conveyors/The Skuds
Machetazo - Live At CBGB New York City
O – Il Vuoto Perfetto
Oblivionized - Abhorrent Evolution
Pick Your Side - S/T Album
PP7 Gaftzeb And the tormentors of 84
Rat Damage - Cursed
Rebels advocate/Wendol split album
Repulsione - The Begining of violance
Su19b/dot split cd
UNHOLY GRAVE - Grind Killers
V/A Louder than hell (Hirax, Accüsed, Municipal Waste, mm)

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